Tuesday, April 19, 2011

sustainable, eco-friendly practices in the pottery studio

 hamsas & free-form pendants & charms formed from clay scraps

Ever slowly but persistently I continue adding pieces to a full dinner set collection I've dreamed of completing for years.

Initial forming of  large plates beginning with slabs yields lots of leftover scraps large and small that, as all potters do, I re-process into workable clay. But I realized I could save energy, the earth's and mine, by innovating and creating items directly from the un-used remnants. The first pieces I made from these scraps will be part of the dinner set collection, very small plates about four inches in diameter. I'm not sure I'd them if I'd not been thinking of ways to maximize scrap usage. And this weekend I took the up-cycling further, making small, decorative hamsas and free-form, organic necklace pendants and jewelry charms.

My up-cycling of clay scraps is a small gesture, but I feel that all small actions snowball into larger effect. If you want to read more on greening your pottery studio and practices, the May, 2011 Ceramics Monthly magazine had a good article on sustainable studios.

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