Friday, September 7, 2012

ceramic stoneware handmade birdbath

ceramic stoneware birdbath, greenware state, not refined, fired or glazed yet

The creative juices are starting to flow again after a long dormant spell. Thankfully, I don't fight the dormant spells as I used to. I do try to keep myself engaged with clay and in the process of making, but I'm pretty good at not punishing myself when there are no fruits born from my efforts. I know everything changes and that I will make something pleasing and worth sharing with the world eventually.

I'm working on this ceramic birdbath, pinched and coiled, for our backyard. I wish I'd used either a groggier sculpture clay or a paper clay, so I wouldn't have to worry about its prospects during firing. Oh well, I will execute it again if the kiln gods don't see it through in one piece. *Update 5/2/13: It made it through 2 firings. Here it is.

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