Saturday, January 22, 2011

gorgeous & easy sofa lap blanket knitting pattern from purl soho

pixie dust lap blanket by purl soho

I've been looking for knitting inspiration and found it in this simple but gorgous pattern for a lap blanket on Purl Soho's website. I will shop for yarn today and begin knitting a similar blanket for our sofa.

making pottery

kiln 1/2 loaded with dinner & dessert plates 

Because I hand-build, prefer the privacy and atmosphere of home to the pottery studio, and because I have a very patient husband, I make most of my pottery at the table in our kitchen, and when pieces are dry enough I walk a stack of them through the park and to the studio for firing.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

a fresh start

winter berries in the snow seen on walk

A new year, fresh start, clean page, and new website in the works. I'm working on pottery pieces and mixing glazes, thinking forward to some time not too far off when I will post pieces for sale.
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