Sunday, February 27, 2011

books that inspire pottery, ceramics and art making

my most recent art book purchases

Dedicated library borrower that I've become in the past year, I now only purchase books related to art- and soul-related subjects that I will turn to time and again for soothing and sustenance, like these that I received recently.

Click to find out more about these must-have pottery & art-related books:
The Book of Tea
Betty Woodman
Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers

Thursday, February 10, 2011

photographing pottery & ceramics

 large porcelain produce bowl
The progress is slow but sweet on my website. I did my first photo shoot with this large produce bowl I made for our kitchen counter. I have dabbled on my own in photography since highschool, but it's been a while since I've shot with any camera other than the one on my iPhone, so there's much to remember and much still to learn. Long ago I got pretty good photographing my handmade jewelry, but shooting ceramics is whole different thing. I'm pleased enough with this shot that will served as the first photo on the homepage of my website. View the full result here.

Monday, February 7, 2011

the woodmans, a movie, a family of artists -- betty, george, charlie, francesca

photo by francesca woodman

ceramic sculpture by betty woodman

 paintings by george woodman

 video still from charlie woodman electronic art piece

Of course I've known of Betty Woodman, a celebrated potter and ceramic artist, but I knew nothing of her life or family, so when one of my pottery students told me she'd just seen a documentary film called, "The Woodman's," about Ms. Woodman's family I couldn't wait to get to the theater to see it. We went last night and it was fine, an artwork itself, about art, artists, and creation, family, tragedy, and healing.

inspiration to creation

beginning of a lap blanket for our sofa that I'm knitting
So, the inspiration for this red lap blanket I'm knitting came from the photo I posted in the previously dated entry. The two have nothing in common aesthetically except that they are both called lap blankets and both are knit. Realizing this, that they are not at all similar, got me thinking about inspiration and how I create. It's the same way I cook. I hate following recipes, even for baking. If I need inspiration for a meal I usually browse a few cooking sites or blogs. Mostly I just read recipe titles and look at photos. Then I go in the kitchen and make something inspired by a title or a few of them, or maybe a photo of a dish. I would say my process is similar for making pottery. I look at other people's ceramics and art and then I go into the studio, or kitchen as it were, and pinch my riff on something(s) I've seen elsewhere that moves my heart, head and hands. Of course nature is also rife with ceramic inspiration for me.

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