Friday, July 10, 2015

the workshop - gratitude as free association

 photo by sunshine cobb

Like a blink of an eye it went by
Heaven on earth to folks like me
For whom working with their hands
Their hearts
And minds synchronized
Feeds them with meaning
Purpose, contentment

Spirit taking form
As anthropomorphic soul-touched vessels
Born are pitchers with attitudes
Fat bottomed cups
Swelled belly bowls
Narrow footed vases
Comforting ourselves
Caressing the clay

Morning to night
Doing what we love
And are called to
On this short odyssey
Boundaries fell away
Tears flowed, Laughs erupted
Hopes and dreams buoyed
Details of lives outside shared
But sparingly
So cherished this creative sojourn
Intrusions were guarded against

Most everything too much these days
I remembered how little I really need
Good food shared in community
A shower now and again
Basic shelter and amenities
Trees, rocks, ocean, moss, lichen, the sun,
Moon and neighbor's fat yellow lab wandering into the studio,
A generous, good-humored teacher,
Silly games and conversation fireside
(And yes, I know books, music, dancing, and whatever that other thing is you just must have!)

Slipping out the last morning
For the long drive home
I skipped breakfast and goodbyes
Awkwardness aside, it felt a gentler
Transition back into "reality"

The whole drive I replayed in my mind
Lessons, conversations, meals, aromas and views
And I played and sang along to music on the radio
So unlike my drive there a fortnight prior

I was happy.
All those years feeling an imposter in my own life
Melted away
At last, I'd come out to myself and the universe as a maker.
I am a potter.


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